How To Secure Gmail Account By 2 Step Verification Method Easily ?

Gmail is one of the most secure email exchange platforms that protect you from hackers in hands beer. There are many layers of protection attitude gmail account but you can still add an additional protection layer through gmail to step verification method. Protecting a Gmail account is the core priority especially because you have so many crucial information saved within it. By enabling 2-Step Verification in Gmail, you add another layer of protection against hackers. This is true regardless of how secure your password is or how much malware security you have in place. Is email to step verification give you a sigh of relief whenever you suspect that somebody may be able to access your account. Nobody can login to your account without the code that you receive on your registered mobile number.

To begin using two-factor authentication in Gmail, you must first activate it. To accomplish this, follow the steps below in this article.

Steps to secure Gmail account by 2 step verification method easily.

  1. Log into your Gmail account and choose a profile photo or symbol for your profile.
  2. Choose Manage Your Gmail Account (or Google Account).
  3. A new tab is opened that contains your Google account details. Select Security from the left pane.
  4. Select 2-Step Verification from the Signing in to Google menu.
  5. The following screen describes two-step verification. Choose Get Started.
  6. Select Next after entering your password.
  7. Enter the phone number associated with your mobile device, select Text, and then click Next.
  8. Google will give you a verification code through text message to your mobile device.
  9. Select Next after entering the code.
  10. Google will validate the mobile device you’re using.
  11. To enable two-factor authentication, click Turn On. Now, each time you log into Gmail, you’ll be requested to complete your second step.

We hope that the steps mentioned above in this article were able to help you secure the gmail account by enabling the two-step verification method on gmail account. In case you received any error code is one enabling the Gmail to step verification, then call for quick support. Our agent will look into your queries and provide you with the assistance that you require in minimal time possible.

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