What Is Two-Step Verification In LinkedIn & How Does LinkedIn 2-Factor Authentication Works?

LinkedIn two-factor authentication requires an individual to authenticate their identity in more than one way, typically by "knowing something" such as a password and "having something" such as a mobile device. Due to the fact that the majority of accounts are compromised via new or unknown computers or devices, two-step verification can significantly reduce identity theft and unauthorised access to sensitive information.

LinkedIn strongly encourages all members to enable two-factor authentication. When we are unable to recognise the device from which you are attempting to sign in, you will be prompted for your account password and a numeric code sent to your phone via SMS. In other words, any attempt by a malicious party to gain access to your account will require both your password and access to your mobile phone.

How to set up and manage your LinkedIn account security?

LinkedIn is a very secure platform where you are empowered with various tools and services to secure your account and manage the security and privacy for the account accordingly.

The Settings & Privacy page enables you to adjust your LinkedIn account's settings, update your privacy and security settings, and customise your contact preferences. Additionally, you'll get an overview of your account data at the top of the page, including your profile headline, and the number of connections you have.

  1. Maintain an updated basic profile with your preferred settings for your LinkedIn experience, networking, subscriptions, and more.
  2. Manage the security settings for your account, change email address if required and enable 2-step verification.
  3. Go to account preferences section and make sure to review where you are logged in from to ensure to unauthorized user don’t have access to your info.
  4. Ensure to change your LinkedIn password every 30-60 days for the security of your account.
  5. Control your profile's, network's, and LinkedIn activity's visibility so ensure unknown users don’t have access to your information.
  6. Make sure to update your mobile number and email address whenever necessary for the security.

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How to access the privacy and security settings?

Below are the mentioned steps:

At the top of your LinkedIn homepage from your screen, choose and click the Me symbol.

A drop down menu will appear on doing this, select Settings & Privacy.

Set Up LinkedIn Two-Step Authentication

Whether you use a mobile phone or computer, the twitter Two-step authentication can be setup easily through the below mentioned steps.

Activating two-step verification on the desktop:

  1. At the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click the Me symbol.
  2. Linkedin two Factor Authentication
  3. A drop down menu will appear on doing this, select Settings & Privacy.
  4. Click Change next to Two-step verification under the Login and security section of the Account tab.
  5. LinkedIn 2Fa
  6. Click To toggle the status of two-step verification, click on.
  7. two step Verification For LinkedIn

Note: You may be prompted for your password for security purposes. Select your desired form of verification from the drop-down menu and click Continue.

To enable two-step verification on iOS, iPad, and Android:

  1. Select your profile image > Account settings > Two-step verification.
  2. Two-step verification enable
  3. Toggle on the two-step verification by tapping the toggle button.
  4. 2 FA
  5. Select your desired form of verification from the drop-down menu and tap on Continue.
  6. two Factor Authentication For LinkedIn

Note: You may be prompted for your password for security purposes. Make sure to note the LinkedIn verification code number for future.

Continue to Authenticator App Verification or Phone Number (SMS) Verification to configure your desired verification method.

Get verification codes with LinkedIn Authenticator

If you've opted app-based verification, proceed as follows:

  1. Install an authenticator application, such as Microsoft Authenticator, on your device.
  2. To begin, open the authenticator app and select Add Account.
  3. On Microsoft Authenticator, click Other account.
  4. LinkedIn Authenticator
  5. Configure your device by selecting one of the following:
    • QR Code Scanner: Utilize the Authenticator App's Scanning Tool.
    • Enter the Verification Code: In the Authenticator App, enter the secret key.
  6. Verify your device by entering the six-digit verification code issued by your authenticator app. LinkedIn 2Fa

Your device is now prepared for two-factor authentication. Open your Authenticator app whenever you log in from a new device and input the code when requested.

Common issues with LinkedIn authentication code problem and How to Fix it

In case you are receiving an error code or are unable to use the two-step verification method on your LinkedIn account, here are some of the basic troubleshooting steps that will help you fix all the minor glitches in a short time.

  1. First of all make sure that your mobile phone is not on Airplane Mode.
  2. You may have to wait for a few minutes to receive the SMS, sometimes there could be delay in receiving it.
  3. Check to make sure that you have enough signal in the room that you are currently present in.
  4. Make sure that you have not block the numbers from USA, unlock them immediately.
  5. In certain cases your security software may block messages from unknown users, make sure that this is not the case.
  6. Ensure that your mobile has enough space to receive new messages, else delete old messages and try to get the code again.
  7. Restart your mobile device and maybe then you will receive SMS.
  8. Also, make sure that the notifications for new SMS are enabled for your mobile, else change the settings immediately
  9. Alternatively, you can manually open the SMS folder to review is a new message has been received.
  10. In case your mobile was stolen, try to access a link that account were different method.
  11. Ensure to unlink the mobile from a LinkedIn account for the security purposes.
  12. If none of these work, ensure that you have linked the correct mobile number for the two-step verification.
  13. Alternatively you can use a different method to login to your LinkedIn account through the two-step verification.

These steps will be useful to you in resolving this issues in no time. However, in certain cases you may not be able to resolve the issue only by following the steps. In such situations, you will require the assistance of a Twitter support team. Reach us at Twitter technical support and connect with our team for solutions related to specific LinkedIn error codes and LinkedIn error messages.

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