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Now if you would like to know ‘ What is Spam Filter in Outlook? ’ then you just got to go through this entire content properly. You should first know what spam filter is all about it is a program that is used to detect unwanted, as well as virus-infected emails. It helps t prevent messages from getting to a user’s inbox. And now the same is with Setup Spam Filter Outlook this feature helps to remove all the unwanted spam from an email inbox. But by using the right settings only and then can spam detection be significantly be improved.

However one should first know the importance and ‘ Why we use the Spam filter in outlook account? ’ the answer is very simple, if you would like to protect your account from a virus or unwanted emails then you should choose to use Set Outlook Spam Filter on your device. This is if you once start using the same then Outlook will help to identify messages that are most likely junk and then will move them automatically to the junk folder.

But before you begin you got to know ‘ Where you can apply spam filters? ’ right, and if this is what you really want to do then you should continue reading through…

  1. You just need to go to Settings in the menu
  2. And then select the ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ that is at the top.
  3. Now if there is a list then you should scroll to the bottom and click on the ‘Create a new filter’ option.

After going through the steps you should be able to Set up Spam Outlook on your device without any problem.

You can now have a look at ‘How to Set Junk Email Filter List in Outlook Account?’

Junk Mail Outlook Spam Filter Setting
  1. Firstly, you would have to click on the ‘Home > Junk > Junk email options’ for Outlook 2010 and later. And for Outlook 2007you got to click on ‘Actions > Junk email > Junk email options’.
  2. After doing so, just in the pop-up ‘Junk email options’ dialog box, you need to click on the ‘Safe Senders’ tab.
  3. And now you should click on the ‘Add’ button to add the address or domain that you want to treat as spam.

Now you should be all good to start accessing the same after you have set up Outlook Junk Mail Setting.

How to Change Spam filter setting in outlook Account? Is this your query right now? Well, you would surely be assisted with the steps;

  1. You just need to go to the ‘Settings’ section.
  2. And now you will have to select the ‘Email’ option.
  3. After that, you must click on the ‘Junk email, block or whitelist senders and domains or you could also create safe mailing lists.

If you want you can either choose to lower the protection level or disable the filters;

  1. You need to first launch Outlook and then click on the ‘Home menu’ option and then select ‘Junk’.
  2. You will now have to click on ‘Junk email options’ and then you should select the level of protection that you want to use.

IMPORTANT: You should keep in mind that to disable the junk email filtering option is not available on therefore you would have to use the desktop app.

How To Configure Spam Filter In Outlook Account With Help Outlook.Live.Com?

  1. First of all, you got to go to the Settings option.
  2. And then you should select the ‘View all Outlook Settings’.
  3. Next, you need to select the ‘Mail’ option.
  4. Now you also need to select the ‘Junk Email’ option.
  5. After that in the ‘Filter’ section, you got to select the ‘Block’ attachments, pictures and then links from anyone that is not in my ‘Safe senders’ and domains list check box.
  6. Then, at last, you just need to go select the ‘Save’ button.

How to Delete Spam filter in Outlook Account? If this is your concern then you have the highly trained team at Delete Spam Outlook to guide you with relevant solutions at all times.

Outlook Spam Filter
  1. The first thing you need to do is click on the ‘Junk > junk email options’ that is the ‘Delete’ group right on the ‘Home’ tab.
  2. Next, in the Junk email options’ dialog box, you must check the ‘No automatic filtering’. Then the Mail from blocked senders will still be moved to the ‘Junk email folder’ option.
  3. You can click on the ‘Blocked senders’ tab.
  4. And then you should select all email addresses that are in the email list box. Next, you got to click on the ‘Remove’ button.
  5. At last, you just need to give a click on the OK button.

And if you would like to set up a filter in your Outlook filter using your Android device then Spam Filter Outlook Android is always available to guide accordingly; you should now follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, you need to tap on the three dots that are on the top of the screen.
  2. After which you got to tap on the ‘Move’ button to ‘Focused Inbox’.
  3. Lastly, you should tap on the ‘Always Move, move once, or Cancel’ buttons.

NOTE: However, you should also know that when you move the important messages from ‘Other’ to ‘Focused’ folder doing so, helps the email service provider to improve the email filtering capabilities.

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pam Filter Outlook 365

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